Brooms & Dustpans

Brooms and dustpans are among the simplest items you have in your house. You can simply pick anything that's in front of you, right? Unfortunately, that's not a good idea. If you have been complaining about backaches and other pains after sweeping and collecting dirt with your dustpan, your body may be telling you to change what you are currently using.

Not worry because we have dustpans and brooms that you can choose from here on The Grit. The best brooms always have a comfortable handle. That way, you can use them for hours every day without suffering from hand or wrist fatigue. You should also check the material used to make the handle. Timber is one of the best materials, which offers both sturdiness and comfort. That's why timber-made brooms are commonly used in industrial cleaning.

The length of the broom should also be considered. The handle should be long enough, so you do not have to keep bending down when sweeping. But that is not to say that you should avoid brooms and dustpans with short handles. In some cases, they are exactly what you need, such as when cleaning sheds and fireplaces.

AgBoss 450mm Fibreglass Handle Soft Broom


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AgBoss Plastic Dustpan & Brush


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AgBoss Steel Dustpan & Brush


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Badger Work Boot Cleaning Brush


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