Battery Chargers

Do you need a battery charger for your lawn and garden outdoor equipment? Perhaps you require a new battery charger for your trusty lawnmower. We have exactly what you are looking for. And we do not just have an ordinary charger because you can purchase a fast charger here in our shop.

When buying a battery charger, you should first look at the voltage of the batteries that you currently have. Back in the 1980s, batteries for home and garden equipment were only at six volts. Today, there are 12 volts, 24 volts, and even 40 volts. Choosing a new battery charger does not have to be complicated. After looking at the voltage of the battery, you should check the type of connector you need. For example, if you have a cordless lawnmower with a 2 or 4Ah 40-volt battery, you can choose our power tool battery charger.

It is guaranteed to give your battery a recharge quicker than other brands out there. Please note that the lower the amperage, the longer it will take for the battery to recharge. For a 4.0Ah battery, you can have it up and ready in just under 120 minutes.