Multi-Tools & Attachments

When working with your garden, you do not just need tools. In many cases, attachments and accessories are wonderful additions to your selection. An attachment generally fits onto your garden tool, which allows you to accomplish dedicated functions. For instance, you can find attachments for your leaf blower and even handsaws.

It may seem like attachments and accessories are the same terminologies at first glance. However, it pays to know the difference between the two, especially if you are looking to purchase items for your existing tools or equipment.

Attachments and accessories may be interchangeable. However, if you want to use these words correctly, there is a dissimilarity between them. An accessory fits inside the tool while attachments are installed onto or outside the equipment. An example of an accessory is a sanding drum, grinding stone, or cut-off wheels.

Here at The Grit, we sell both attachments and accessories for your equipment. You can find premium engine oil for your lawnmower. If you need a broom brush attachment, we also sell Rover TrimmerPlus BR720, which is designed for gas-powered trimmers that come with an attachment shaft.