Whipper Snippers

Gone are the days when cutting overgrown weeds and grass required manual labour. Today, you can now use brush cutters and line trimmers to make your job easier and even more enjoyable.

How do you know which one to buy? If you need to clear thick grass that you may have forgotten to take care of for some time, you can use line trimmers.

A line trimmer lets you complete your yard work efficiently. If you mow your lawn and you leave it as it is, you will notice that the grass still appears unfinished. Mowers typically cannot get rid of an overgrown brush, which can be too difficult for it to handle. Here at The Grit, you can choose from line trimmers from Rover. These tools are designed to reduce your effort in cutting grass.

However, if you need more power and durability to handle bigger tasks, line trimmers may not be the answer. For example, you have to clear thick reeds or brush saplings. If it is your case, you will need a brush cutter.

Check out The Grit’s Brush Cutter Attachment from Rover, which features 20-centimetre steel with a reversible blade.