Insect Repellent

During summer, mosquitoes become notorious in many parts of Australia. Stay protected and do not let these insects distract you from work by applying a trusted insect repellent.

There are several misconceptions about insect repellents. From being ineffective to safety, consumers tend to have plenty of questions. The reality is that these products, especially those that come from quality brands, do work. They can keep mosquitoes at bay, along with other insects that will bite you whether you are indoors or outdoors.

Outdoor workers typically have the most significant risk. If you work near shallow bodies of water or you go hiking regularly, you can end up with mosquito bites before you even get to your destination. Bites are itchy and can sometimes be painful; however, a disturbing fact about them is that they can cause diseases.

Increase your safety by applying the perfect antidote for mosquito and other insects that will target your skin and bite. Here at The Grit, we carry Australia’s top trusted brands, namely Bushman and Itchfix.

Bushman products are perfect for outdoor workers because the repellents also come with sunscreen. If you or a loved one needs relief from insect bites and itching, we recommend Itchfix Anti Itch Soothing Gel.