Knife Sheaths

A sheath is designed for a fixed blade knife. When looking for a sheath for your knife, one of the things to consider is the material. Leather is often the top choice, which is why you can find many leather options here at The Grit.

The Cudeman 631-N leather and the Fallkniven Leather Sheath are two of the best products you can look into. We have other high-quality sheaths from other brands, including Frosts Mora.

When it comes to the sheath, you should only go for one that offers reliability. This product is used to ensure that your knife is protected. At the same time, it helps secure the knife in place as well so that there is a lower risk of accidents. Finally, it should allow easy use. You should be able to quickly take the knife out when needed.

Sheaths are also knives in Australia. Here in the country, it is defined as a type of non-folding knife with a sheath that withdraws into the handle. For instance, the Fallkniven A1bz Black Blade Knife with Zytel Sheath is a set that includes a knife and a sheath. This product is designed for any purpose, including heavy use.

Blade-Tech 3" Duty Loop with Hardware


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Blade-Tech Quick E-Loop - Pair with Hardware


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