Ball-Pein Hammers

A ball pein hammer is a type of peening hammer, which is why it is also called a ball-peen hammer. Don’t confuse it with a cross-peen, diagonal peen, or a point-peen hammer. A ball pein hammer is distinguished for its two heads, where one is flat while the other is round (peen).

Peening is when the surface you are working on hardens by impact. This hammer is quite versatile because it can be used for a variety of tasks, including chisel and punch striking. To hit these objects, you will need to use the flat part of the hammer. Meanwhile, the peening or the rounded face is for rounding off edges, which you will find useful when working with fasteners and metal pins. A ball pein hammer is mostly utilised with rivets.

The peening face is also a good option if you need to make gaskets or mechanical seals for mating surfaces.

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