Before you can determine the type of socket to use, you should first know which ratchet you have. There are variations of ratchets, ranging from manual to power drivers. There are also specific types for certain applications, including torque, speed, and thumb ratchets. The kind of ratchet you use will depend on the task at hand.

Ratchets are mechanical devices that are popularly used in homes and commercial areas. Utilising a ratchet for your job means that you need to rotate a particular item while making sure it does not move in the opposite direction. This tool is mostly used for machines, motors, and similar pieces of equipment.

The ratchet handles the socket, which is why it is vital to buy the best one that you know, will help you accomplish your task. Sometimes, ratchets are confused with wrenches. They may be used interchangeably, but they are different tools.

Ratchets do have the same function as the wrench since both their jobs are to tighten and loosen fasteners. The difference, however, lies in the tasks that you need to finish. Ratchets are paired with sockets to turn the bolt or nut. You do not need to reposition the tool, unlike with a wrench.

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