Socket Sets

No matter what project you are working on, a socket set will make it easy, particularly if it involves nuts and bolts. A wrench may come in handy but an entire set will not require you to spend as much time and energy as using one wrench. A socket set ranges from basic to professional grade. At The Grit, you will find the socket set that you need for your budget and skill level.

The tools we offer are high-quality without being heavy on the pocket. They can be a lifesaver in many situations with a different mix of sizes. The toolset will make it easier for you the next time you have a DIY project to complete.

Our socket sets are great for everyone, including professionals and average people. Hobby farmers will surely benefit from them, especially because there are machines and equipment that you may need to fix.

With our selections of ratchets, sockets, and sets, there is no task that you cannot handle on your own. The interchangeable sockets that you can use with screws, nuts, and bolts will allow you to repair any farming item you may have.

With a socket set, you can perform different types of jobs, including machine repair and maintenance. You can do so without much effort and you do not have to go to the hardware store to buy each tool you may need. Everything you require for repair is right there in your toolbox.

You can also find socket sets that will allow you to assemble things, as well as installing or replacing fences. Check out our toolkits from trusted brands, such as Crescent, SP Tools, and 888 Tools.

AOK by KC Tools 8pc 3/8" Dr Star Socket Set


$34.90 SAVE$0.00
AOK by KC Tools 9pc 1/2" Dr E-Socket Set


$72.80 SAVE$0.00
KC Tools 10pc AF 1/2" Dr Impact Socket Set

KC Tools

$98.15 SAVE$0.00
KC Tools 10pc AF Deep 1/2" Dr Socket Set

KC Tools

$98.20 SAVE$0.00
KC Tools 16pc 1/2" Dr AF Impact Socket Set

KC Tools

$190.60 SAVE$0.00