Combination Spanners

A spanner is a handheld tool that you can use to loosen or tighten fasteners, such as bolts and nuts. It provides a mechanical advantage, specifically in applying torque. This way, you can grip and turn objects.

A combination spanner, as the name suggests, combines two types of wrenches: open-ended and ring spanners. The tool is distinguishable with its metal body. At one end, there is an opening, and the other is a jaw that you can fit around the fastener. Some spanners, though, are double-ended, which means each end has a profile head.

The open-ended spanner has a U-shaped end whose size cannot be adjusted. However, it still fits regular bolts and nuts. This head often comes with two flat sides, which will comfortably grip the nut to tighten or loosen it. Meanwhile, the ring spanner has a ring-shaped head, which resembles an enclosed loop. You use this part to turn the fastener’s head clockwise or anti-clockwise.

Do you need to add some spanners in your toolbox? You have come to the right place. The Grit supplies combination spanners from KC Tools, AOK, ProAm, and SP Tools.

SP Tools 11pc SAE Combination Spanner Set

SP Tools

$107.00 SAVE$52.01
KC Tools 1" Polished Cr-V Combination Spanner

KC Tools

$38.33 SAVE$14.47