Fixed Blade Knives

Any knife enthusiast should have at least one fixed blade knife in their collection. You do not have to go for the stricter styles though. After all, you need one or more for your kitchen as you prepare food.

Fixed blade knives are often considered the more serious type of knife, especially when compared to folding knives. The Grit gives you different choices when it comes to fixed blades.

All the knives are guaranteed to be strong, so you can get the most out of them in any situation. Fixed blades are versatile as well. They can be used for survival, hunting, cutting fruits and veggies, and skinning meat. No matter what the size, these knives are durable and can take the beating you give it.

Although some knives are huge, we have handy ones. They do not have to be bulky to deliver results. The size does not matter here after all; it is the strength of the blade that does all the work.

Our knives do not break since they are fixed with no moving parts. Select from our easy-to-maintain knives from the top brands, including Cudeman, Fallkniven, Ontario Knife Company, Toor Knives, and Benchmade.

Fallkniven F1x Elmax Steel Fixed Blade Knife


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