Utility Knives

When it comes to versatility, nothing else can beat a utility knife. It is the tool you need for several different purposes, which is why it is known as the multitasking knife. The utility knife is best for those who need to perform small slicing tasks, particularly in the kitchen. Pick a utility knife when you want to mince shallots, cut veggies, or slice herbs effortlessly.

A utility knife often has a longer blade, which makes it a convenient choice if you do not want a bigger knife or a smaller one such as a paring knife.

Aside from the kitchen, a utility knife is also used in several workplaces. In fact, it is often one of the most used tools that exist today. This type of knife is also known as a safety knife. The name itself stresses that you should choose the right utility knife, whether it is for work or everyday use.

The Grit offers numerous types of utility knives, including a trimming knife that has a snap-off blade from KC Tools. We also have a survival knife from various brands, including the Ontario Knife Company. Whatever it is you need, you can find it here on our website.