Tactical Pens

When you are mostly outdoors, you need to protect yourself from all kinds of harm. A tactical pen is one of the best self-defence tools that you can carry and use in times of peril. The pens are designed for close-quarter protection, meaning when an attacker is near you.

Tactical pens are quite useful as a defensive weapon. Do not let their small size fool you because they can easily stop your attackers. If you are trained in defence, you can even use the pen to restrain and disarm the enemy. You can literally take it as an example that a pen is mightier than a sword.

The tactical pens that you can find here on The Grit are a writing tool at first glance. They come in various metals and materials, including anodised aluminium, Damascus steel (damasteel), stainless steel, and titanium. You can choose from black or blue ink.

More importantly, you can select the best tip option for your safety. For instance, carbide tips are designed to break all types of glass. You may need to practice how to disable your enemy to use the pens more effectively.

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