Circlip & Snap Ring Pliers

Snap ring and circlip pliers are types of tools that any handyman will surely find useful. We have these types here on The Grit, so you can choose whichever you need for your project. Circlip pliers, also known as C-clip pliers or retaining ring pliers, are used to install and remove circlips, which are a type of fastener used like a retaining ring.

A circlip plier is also sometimes called a snap ring plier, although some people do not use them interchangeably. Both have the same job, which is to remove c-clips or snap rings. A snap ring is a fastener utilised in components with bores or shafts. It is connected to achieve axial fixation and is installed in grooves.

Using a circlip or a snap ring plier will help you disconnect the snap rings or c-clips. This type of plier is so easy to recognise, thanks to the unique look of the tips. In a traditional plier, you will find a sharpened or flattened tip. However, a snap ring or circlip plier has tips shaped to fit into the snap ring, which can be as small as 140mm to 230mm.

KC Tools 140mm Circlip Pliers Bent Open

KC Tools

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