Hunting Knives & Axes

The Grit supplies the best options of hunting knives for serious hunters out there. You can find fixed blade knives that you can count on to be durable and strong. They are versatile as well and easy to clean.

Being a hunter involves a lot of rugged work, which is why you should have a knife you can depend on. It means you should choose a knife that can handle different tasks, including gutting and skinning game. You want something hard and sturdy, so cutting through bone and cartilage would not be a problem.

We have Cudeman and Fallkniven knives, which are two of the best brands that you know you can trust. These two brands understand the requirements of hunters. It is why they have designed knives that are just the right size.

You can select from a full tang design, which features a blade and handle in one unbroken piece of steel. We offer different options for sheaths as well, including Zytel and moulded Zytel. The knives also differ in handle material, which you may also want to consider. Choose from Thermorun, stag antler, stamina wood, and more.

A good hunting knife can last for a very long time. Make your investment count.

Benchmade 15017 Hidden Canyon Hunter Knife


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